Virginia Covers

Coelebs Va. (1840) unlisted town
(1837-1849); nephew to uncle; caught the
person who stole money. Interesting,
illiterate letter

Cover #1508
Price: $90.00




WHITE SULr SPRs Va. (1834) red; FREE + CITY
of WILLIAM RUFUS deVANE KING, Vice President
of the US; US Representative from NC and US Senator
from Alabama

Cover #1679
Price: $80.00

New Glascow Va. (1829) business;
purchasing of hemp seed

Cover #1509
Price: $90.00

WHEELING Va. (1847) blue; content:
business letter.

Cover #260
Price: $20.00

Cumberland C.H. Va. (1851) content:
husband to wife

Cover #438
Price: $50.00

BUFFALO Va. (1853) brown-black; West
Va.; farm business

Cover #1021
Price: $110.00

MORGANTOWN Va. (1833) black;
legal letter, land purchases

Cover #1299
Price: $40.00

Wylliesburg Va. (1854) manuscript
postmark; content: friendly letter.

Cover #264
Price: $30.00

BLUE SULP. SPRINGS VA (1842) black;
death of wife

Cover #1844
Price: $125.00

M O Poca Va. (Mouth of Poca) (1845)
(West Va.); Rare 6 1/4 rate. The Spanish
REAL(medio) coin (1/2 real=6 1/4 cents)
commonly known as a "picayune". Some
postmasters accepted this for the 30 mile or
less rate.
Cover #1023
Price: $200.00

COBHAM Va. (1854) black; to Paris;
many markings

Cover #537
Price: $60.00

Hungary Town Va. (1821) now 'Glen
Allen'; business letter, money owed

Cover #1681
Price: $90.00

WmsBurg Va. (1815) War Rate
10c + 5c = 15c

Cover #1142
Price: $200.00

FARMVILLE Va. (1842) black;
postmaster free frank; (Tazewell S. Morton);
tobacco business

Cover #1614
Price: $30.00

Boydton Va. (1849) headed R.M. College;
"....some of the boys have behaved very
badly since the session closed. Some of
them have been beastly drunk and others
have been what is sometimes called
"gentlemanly merry"

Cover #835
Price: $110.00

NORFOLK. VA -.- (1825) red; printed
port notice

Cover #1360
Price: $25.00

Morgantown Va. (1830) (West Va.)
letter to her uncle about a bequest.

Cover #837
Price: $55.00

White Chimneys Va. (1834) to Waterloo,
England + LIVERPOOL--- red cds +
no content

Cover #653
Price: $80.00

St. Js Church Va. (Saint James Church)
(1841) (West Va.) interesting letter, in slang
men's talk, mostly about meeting women

Cover #1024
Price: $150.00

Hampton Va. (1830) accounts of the
Brig 'Caroline'

Cover #1452
Price: $45.00

Double Bridge Va. (1856) postmaster
free frank; hiring a stonemason

Cover #1511
Price: $110.00

NORFOLK Va. (1832) red; ordering

Cover #1512
Price: $20.00

POINT PLEASANT Va. (1847) (West
Va.) wishes to lease a farm

Cover #1028
Price: $65.00

MARTINS-BURG VA (1847) (West Va.)
black double line oval; 'It has been necessary
for me to inquire of you as the Superintendant
of the Lunatic Asylum at Stanton whether
there is a vacent apartment in said asylum
which may be appropriated to the use and
accomadation of Mrs. Ann A. Driscoll, a
lunatic now in our county of Berkley' etc., etc.

Cover #1236
Price: $110.00

Hampton Va. (1838) shipping list of
disbursements of Ship 'Nimrod', repaired

Cover #1361
Price: $25.00

wife (#2?) is ill

Cover #1845
Price: $125.00