Virginia Covers

Coelebs Va. (1840) unlisted town
(1837-1849); nephew to uncle; caught the
person who stole money. Interesting,
illiterate letter

Cover #1508
Price: $90.00




WHITE SULr SPRs Va. (1834) red; FREE + CITY
of WILLIAM RUFUS deVANE KING, Vice President
of the US; US Representative from NC and US Senator
from Alabama

Cover #1679
Price: $80.00

New Glascow Va. (1829) business;
purchasing of hemp seed

Cover #1509
Price: $90.00

WHEELING Va. (1847) blue; content:
business letter.

Cover #260
Price: $20.00

Cumberland C.H. Va. (1851) content:
husband to wife

Cover #438
Price: $50.00

BUFFALO Va. (1853) brown-black; West
Va.; farm business

Cover #1021
Price: $110.00

MORGANTOWN Va. (1833) black;
legal letter, land purchases

Cover #1299
Price: $40.00

Wylliesburg Va. (1854) manuscript
postmark; content: friendly letter.

Cover #264
Price: $30.00

BLUE SULP. SPRINGS VA (1842) black;
death of wife

Cover #1844
Price: $125.00

M O Poca Va. (Mouth of Poca) (1845)
(West Va.); Rare 6 1/4 rate. The Spanish
REAL(medio) coin (1/2 real=6 1/4 cents)
commonly known as a "picayune". Some
postmasters accepted this for the 30 mile or
less rate.
Cover #1023
Price: $200.00

COBHAM Va. (1854) black; to Paris;
many markings

Cover #537
Price: $60.00

Hungary Town Va. (1821) now 'Glen
Allen'; business letter, money owed

Cover #1681
Price: $90.00

WmsBurg Va. (1815) War Rate
10c + 5c = 15c

Cover #1142
Price: $200.00

FARMVILLE Va. (1842) black;
postmaster free frank; (Tazewell S. Morton);
tobacco business

Cover #1614
Price: $30.00

Boydton Va. (1849) headed R.M. College;
"....some of the boys have behaved very
badly since the session closed. Some of
them have been beastly drunk and others
have been what is sometimes called
"gentlemanly merry"

Cover #835
Price: $110.00

NORFOLK. VA -.- (1825) red; printed
port notice

Cover #1360
Price: $25.00

Morgantown Va. (1830) (West Va.)
letter to her uncle about a bequest.

Cover #837
Price: $55.00

White Chimneys Va. (1834) to Waterloo,
England + LIVERPOOL--- red cds +
no content

Cover #653
Price: $80.00

St. Js Church Va. (Saint James Church)
(1841) (West Va.) interesting letter, in slang
men's talk, mostly about meeting women

Cover #1024
Price: $150.00

Hampton Va. (1830) accounts of the
Brig 'Caroline'

Cover #1452
Price: $45.00

Double Bridge Va. (1856) postmaster
free frank; hiring a stonemason

Cover #1511
Price: $110.00

NORFOLK Va. (1832) red; ordering

Cover #1512
Price: $20.00

POINT PLEASANT Va. (1847) (West
Va.) wishes to lease a farm

Cover #1028
Price: $65.00

MARTINS-BURG VA (1847) (West Va.)
black double line oval; 'It has been necessary
for me to inquire of you as the Superintendant
of the Lunatic Asylum at Stanton whether
there is a vacent apartment in said asylum
which may be appropriated to the use and
accomadation of Mrs. Ann A. Driscoll, a
lunatic now in our county of Berkley' etc., etc.

Cover #1236
Price: $110.00

Hampton Va. (1838) shipping list of
disbursements of Ship 'Nimrod', repaired

Cover #1361
Price: $25.00

Negrofoot Va. (1847) (Hanvover Co.)
friendly letter between Dartmouth graduates.
News and remeninces about other friends
and old school doings. Also, a trip to
Washington and 'very cooly walked through
the noble marble portico attached to the
White House and disbursed ourselves of
sundry copius mouthfuls of tobacco saliva'
'Didn't we show our contempt for the

Cover #1615
Price: $250.00 SOLD

wife (#2?) is ill

Cover #1845
Price: $125.00

Belle Haven Va. (1836) unlisted in ASSC;
turned cover- remailed + WATERFORD
N Y red; brother to brother, family letter

Cover #1851
Price: $125.00