New York Covers

AUBURN N.Y. (1820) black notched
circle; content: payment due on lot.

Cover #189
Price: $25.00




GENEVA (1822) black; business letter

Cover #1295
Price: $30.00

GREIGSVILLE N.Y. (1833) (Lewis Co.)
black; 18 3/4 attached rate; Unlisted
handstamp; uncle to nephew

Cover #1738
Price: $125.00

NEW--YORK (1843) red; part printed
shipping notice of screws sent aboard
schooner 'Holden Borden'.

Cover #1424
Price: $30.00

CAMBRIDGE N.Y. (1848) blue; PAID;
negative V in sawtooth box; son to mother

Cover #1489
Price: $80.00

DERUYTER N.Y. (1844) red; family

Cover #1596
Price: $20.00

BATAV. N.Y. (1834) red; interest on

Cover #1810
Price: $20.00

LOCKE N.Y. (1851) red oval; PAID; 5;
wants confirmation of service of sargent
in Revolutionary War

Cover #1420
Price: $75.00

PALMYRA N.Y. (1823) magenta; 2 page
business letter; First Day of Palmyra in
Wayne Co.

Cover #1206
Price: $100.00

BINGHAMTON N.Y. (1846) red; 5;
weaving a carpet

Cover #1002
Price: $15.00

PENN YAN N.Y. (1842) black; PAID;
brothers in the medical plaster and pill

Cover #1490
Price: $25.00

MILL PORT N.Y. (1848) red; lumber
business letter

Cover #1421
Price: $20.00

Barnerville N.Y. (1844) manuscript
postmark; postmaster free frank; content:
wishes School Journal to be forwarded.

Cover #201
Price: $30.00

Burlington Flats N.Y. (1841) manuscript
postmark; content: business letter.

Cover #202
Price: $20.00

NEW--YORK 10 Cts. (1855) black; to Nova Scotia; blue 6 on
front; 4 Canadian markings on reverse; printed notice for
agents' due accounts for sales of CHRISTIE'S GALVONIC

Cover #1425
Price: $80.00

COOPERSTOWN. N.Y. (1833) red double
line circle, 'COOPERSTOWN' framed;
business letter

Cover #1294
Price: $65.00

Monroe Works N.Y. (1810) 1 year
earlier than listed; bill for converting iron
into steel

Cover #722
Price: $90.00

PENN YAN, N.Y. (1822) black oval; no
outer rim; FREE; postmaster free frank;
business letter

Cover #723
Price: $75.00

Harlem N.Y. (1815) War Rate 17c +
8 1/2 c = 25 1/2c; bonds; mortgages, etc.

Cover #1208
Price: $80.00

Newburgh N.Y. (1802) manuscript
postmark; content: alteration of inventory.

Cover #208
Price: $40.00

No Granville N.Y. (1839) manuscript
postmark; printed court notice.

Cover #209
Price: $25.00

PINES BRIDGE N.Y. (1852) large red
oval; knitting instructions; sleighing, etc.

Cover #1838
Price: $80.00

TROY N.Y. (1847) blue; 2cts.(dc); note
telling the price of transporting sand to
New York City. 10 shillings a ton.

Cover #1003
Price: $75.00

Castletown S. Island (1816) (STATEN ISLAND,
NY) War Rate 17c + 8 1/2c = 25 1/2c (1/2 left out of
the rate) unlisted town in Richmond County, New
York City. List of real and personal estates in the
county sent to the state comptroller.

Cover #1839
Price: $400.00

Thompsonville N.Y. (1847) + NEW
BERLIN N.Y., red; attending weddings
and balls

Cover #1741
Price: $30.00

New Graefenberg N.Y. Printed cornercard
for Hydropathic and Kinesipathic
establishment; no content

Cover #1840
Price: $50.00

MONTICELLO N.Y. (1834) black oval;
content: husband to wife

Cover #401
Price: $110.00

Oneida Lake N.Y. (1855) embossed
envelope; family news

Cover #1209
Price: $45.00

SENECA--FALLS N.Y. (1835) red;
business letter with newspaper clipping

Cover #1423
Price: $25.00

MOUNT-MORRIS N.Y. 5 covers with
5 different rates

Cover #812
Price: $200.00

KINGSTON N.Y. (1829) black stencil;
3 page letter, delivery of coal

Cover #813
Price: $150.00

COLLEGE POINT N.Y. (1843) black;
student's letter

Cover #1004
Price: $40.00

NEWPORT N.Y. (1854) black; negative
PAID in large 3; asking him to speak to the
citizens of Fairfield

Cover #1656
Price: $110.00

GENEVA (1821) black; business note

Cover #1657
Price: $20.00

ALBANY -.- N.Y. -.- black; 5; printed
cornercard of ALBANY SEED STORE;
regarding pear trees and seeds

Cover #1343
Price: $45.00

KINGSTON N.Y. (1834) red; FREE;
daughter at school to her mother

Cover #1658
Price: $25.00

AURORA N.Y. (1841) black; 3 page
friendly letter

Cover #1659
Price: $20.00

BURLINGTON (1837) blue arc; unlisted
Otsego Co. marking; headed 'Burlington
Green, Otsego County; State of New York';
3 page letter about coming to Canada to
be a missionary; Cross-border cover
QUEENSTON U.C. in green double circle.
Additional message in code on last page.
Accompanied by APS Certificate as genuine.

Cover #1597
Price: $1,100.00

HYDE-PARK / N.Y. (1824) red
straightline; cousin to cousin

Cover #1660
Price: $80.00

OAKS CORNERS, N.Y. (1846) black
straightline; 5 (c); bought a farm, 10 sheep,
2 cows, etc.

Cover #1661
Price: $125.00

SARDINIA----NY---- (1846) blue fancy
double oval; 5; brother to sister. Short note
but a great last thought. 'I killed my pig the
other day he weighed 474 lbs. I suppose
when you see this that you will have some
that weigh about 600. I find a man that
tells the first story stands a very small
chance to boast.'

Cover #1742
Price: $125.00

BALLSTON N.Y. * black oval; brother
to brother; 4 pages of news

Cover #1813
Price: $70.00

Coopersville N.Y. (1842) Free frank of
the first postmaster; unlisted Clinton Co.
town; telling of friend's death

Cover #1841
Price: $150.00

Warrensburgh N.Y. (1846) oval
manuscript postmark; re: timber lots

Cover #1842
Price: $30.00

QUAKER SPRINGS N.Y. (1853) red;
PAID; fancy embossed envelope no
content; unlisted marking in ASSC

Cover #1848
Price: $200.00

PAID 3(c); envelope no content;
insurance company corner card

Cover #1849
Price: $40.00

Vischers Ferry N.Y. (1842) unlisted
Saratoga Co. marking; election returns
from Clifton Park, NY

Cover #1850
Price: $300.00