Michigan Covers

ADRIAN Mich. (1850) black; 5;
content: wishes answer to his inquiry.

Cover #167
Price: $25.00




ANN ARBOR Mic. (1848) red; 5

Cover #168
Price: $20.00

DETROIT Mich. (1850) blue; 5(oval);
content: collection of debt.

Cover #169
Price: $25.00

PONTIAC Mic. (1847) red; PAID; 10(box);
wishes to insure merchandise shipment

Cover #1285
Price: $55.00
ANN-ARBOR Mich. (1841) red;
aunt to niece

Cover #1105
Price: $45.00 SOLD

NEW BUFFALO Mic. (1851) black;
PAID; 5; husband to wife

Cover #882
Price: $70.00

IONIA Mich. (1840) red; buying,
selling land, etc.

Cover #1106
Price: $60.00

MARSHALL Mic. (1847) blue; X(box);
note from county treasurer

Cover #496
Price: $25.00

JACKSON Mich. (1843) red; PAID; legal,
mortgage, land, etc.

Cover #1107
Price: $45.00

Monroe M.T. (1829) Michigan Territory;
Congressional Free Frank of AUSTIN
ELI WING; to his brother on the death of
their father. Will not run for re-election.

Cover #1727
Price: $225.00

PORT HURON Mich. (1849) black; 10;
purchasing land.

Cover #803
Price: $50.00

Romeo M T (1833) Territorial; Interesting
report of missionary on the state of religion,
etc. Universalists are a problem. 'they believe
Jesus Christ to be a mere man', etc. etc.

Cover #1286
Price: $250.00 SOLD

Bronson M.T. (1836) Michigan Terrirtory.
Excellent descriptive letter, family, deaths, hardships
of life. 'two trips to mouth of St. Joseph's 40 miles with
2 yokes of oxen'. Alone overnight in the woods, wolves,
wildcats, bears, no fire or cover. 'We have cut, split,
and drawn (about 3/4 mile) nearly 5000 rails'. Has
been bad weather but soon will be planting. 3 1/2
pages full of news.

Cover #1728
Price: $300.00 SOLD

MOUNT CLEMENS Mic. (1852) black;
PAID 3(c) twice; son to father, business

Cover #1729
Price: $60.00