Maine Covers




HALLOWELL Me. (1849) blue; PAID;
V(dc); Printed letterhead 'SONS OF
TEMPERANCE' with illustrated seal.
Thanking the chapter for assistance given
to a sick brother.

Cover #1722
Price: $45.00

Bloomfield Me. (1850) mother to son

Cover #1555
Price: $25.00

Solon Me. (1842) invitation to visit

Cover #1187
Price: $20.00

AROOSTOCK* MAINE* (1850) red;
5(c); content: waiting for water to rise in
order to ship clapboards downriver.

Cover #365
Price: $40.00

GARDINER MAINE (1829) red double
circle; content: needs freight for voyage

Cover #366
Price: $50.00

Bluehill Me. (1841) printed address and
list of votes

Cover #367
Price: $30.00

Waterford Me. (1825) sister to brother;
family news, sickness, marriages, etc.

Cover #1723
Price: $30.00

Carmel Me. (1852) long 4 page letter,
sister to sister

Cover #1556
Price: $25.00

Jay Me. (1849) content: notice from
"overseers of the poor"

Cover #370
Price: $20.00

WISCASSET Me. (1844) blue; printed

Cover #977
Price: $15.00

Otisfield Me. (1841) postmaster free
frank; will send money when he gets some.

Cover #1402
Price: $80.00