Louisiana Covers

CLINTON La. (1848) black; selling
cotton crop

Cover #1720
Price: $40.00




NEW ORLEANS La. (1844) blue

Cover #149
Price: $10.00

BAYOU.GOULA. (1841) black double
oval; long letter: settling the will of
Mississippi River flatboat captain. "They
have a negro or two in common which were
sold and proceeds divided".

Cover #595
Price: $650.00

ALEXANDRIA La. (1851) black; 10;
ordering fish flour, rice, leaves of sugar,
mackrel and barrels of pork. Poor corn and
cotton crops, dry weather.

Cover #1479
Price: $45.00

Cotile La. (1850) no content

Cover #1186
Price: $60.00

NEW ORLEANS (1809) Territorial; black;
ornaments above and below date; collection
of money.

Cover #790
Price: $250.00

FRANKLIN La. (1847) red; 10; bill of
lading for the schooner "Florence"

Cover #972
Price: $40.00

Dutch Settlement La. (1840) no content

Cover #491
Price: $45.00

OPELOUSAS La. (1837) black; FREE;
Free frank of RICE GARLAND U.S.
Representative from Louisiana; land
claims from France and Spain sent back to
the states.

Cover #1586
Price: $80.00

NEW ORLEANS LA (1854) red;
5(black); printed notary notice

Cover #1721
Price: $25.00