Kentucky Covers

LOUISVILLE Ky 10 (1850) black;
PAID; to Germany; 2 page letter in German

Cover #1396
Price: $75.00




OWENSBORO Ky. (1852) red;
10 (fancy circle); medical deposition

Cover #486
Price: $35.00

FRANKT KY (1817) red; brother to

Cover #1719
Price: $70.00 SOLD

Hendersonville Ky. (1847) postmaster
free frank; legal and politics

Cover #1319
Price: $50.00

CYNTHIANA . K. (1834) black; wishes
to prosecute squatters on large tract of land.

Cover #1320
Price: $45.00

Middletown Ky. (1845) lock of hair enclosed;
3 page friendly letter between ladies, full of news

Cover #1267
Price: $80.00

Fisherville Ky. (1852) gossipy letter

Cover #1090
Price: $45.00

ELIZ. TN KY (1837) black; PAID;
collecting a judgement

Cover #1642
Price: $55.00

Litchfield Ky. (1843) content; has received
one half of 5 bills and now wishes the other
halves sent. This was the way money was
safely sent through the mails.

Cover #360
Price: $40.00

LOUISVILLE KY (1841) blue; postmaster
free frank; ordering 2 magazines

Cover #1321
Price: $25.00

ELIZABETHTOWN Ky (1844) blue;
PAID; Due 25 in ms. ; short note

Cover #1643
Price: $25.00

Mt. Washington Ky. (1851) friendly
letter to teacher

Cover #704
Price: $45.00

HARRODSBURG Ky. (1843) black;
PAID; masonic content

Cover #1398
Price: $40.00

OWENSBORO Ky. (1845) black; PAID;
legal content

Cover #969
Price: $35.00

PARIS KY. (1850) red; PAID; 5; legal

Cover #970
Price: $25.00

Green River Khy. (1850) Hart Co. dpo
1847-1868; son to father - excellent letter-
'Ky is a poor barren broken state and poor
people live in it. I would not clear a farm for
its there is to many rocks and stumps in the

'Edgar is living at Nathan Gouches and is
distilling wiskey.'

'Harry Backner is in California digging gold and doing well they say'

'old man Con went around Cape Horn in the Brig Laury Snow. Sterage passage for $150.00'

'I shall go to California first chanch...'

Cover #1318
Price: $160.00 SOLD

LEX. K. AUG 25 (1805) black straightline;
no content

Cover #1644
Price: $225.00

MAYS LICK Ky. black ; FREE;
Postmaster free frank; sister to sister,
gypsies giving readings, etc.

Cover #1645
Price: $65.00 SOLD