Indiana Covers

INDIANAPOLIS Ind. (1845) blue;
cousin to cousin, family matters

Cover #1712
Price: $20.00




INDIANAPOLIS IND. (1840) blue; part
printed circuit court ruling for payment in

Cover #1317
Price: $20.00

MADISON Ia (1843) red; business letter

Cover #474
Price: $15.00

NEW-ALBANY Ind. (1840) black; son
to mother, describes his new wife and new
job of trading financial notes.

Cover #868
Price: $40.00

Bloomfield Ia. (1844) printed court notice

Cover #476
Price: $35.00

Bloomington Ia. (1836) depositions
settling the estate of Thomas McLevath

Cover #589
Price: $45.00

MOUNT VERNON Ind. (1840) black;
"Ind." small; legal notice to appear in court

Cover #699
Price: $30.00

Brockville Ia. (1840) dpo 1837-1848;
postmaster free frank; 4 page friendly letter
describing land, crops, family, etc.

Cover #787
Price: $200.00

Warsaw Ia. (1842) describes land
sections and lots.

Cover #480
Price: $50.00

blue double line double circle, inner line
wavy, 5(c); to Birmingham, England;
husband, a surveyor, writes to wife about
prospects for work.

Cover #962
Price: $300.00

TERRE HAUTE Ia. (1851) blue; 5(red);
business letter

Cover #963
Price: $55.00

MICHIGAN CITY Ind. (1847) black;
printed State Bank of Indiana report

Cover #964
Price: $35.00

MADISON Ia. red; 10; perfect strikes,
no content

Cover #1183
Price: $25.00