Georgia Covers

MACON GEORGIA (1833) red;
business letter

Cover #861
Price: $30.00




SAVANNAH*GEO* (1836) red;
content: cotton business.

Cover #125
Price: $15.00

MARIETTA Ga. (1844) black; land sales

Cover #1175
Price: $45.00

AUGUSTA Ga. (1840) red; short
business note

Cover #1549
Price: $20.00

WASHING. Ga. (1823) black; GA in
center; unlisted type; legal content

Cover #1550
Price: $400.00

AMERICUS Ga. black; envelope, no

Cover #1177
Price: $45.00

Fort Valley Ga. (1848) content: legal

Cover #343
Price: $45.00

WASHN GA -- (1835) black; short legal

Cover #778
Price: $65.00

Troupville Ga. (1845) postmaster free
frank; sends money from collection of a note

Cover #1178
Price: $55.00

WASHINGTON Ga. (1843) blue; PAID;
no content

Cover #463
Price: $30.00

PENFIELD Ga. (1844) blue-grey; letter
between cousins

Cover #779
Price: $55.00

SPARTA Ga. (1845) blue; 3 page letter
between lady friends. Lots of news,
weddings, quilting, etc.

Cover #780
Price: $45.00

ST. MARYS GEO. (1831) red; postmaster
free frank; business letter

Cover #1393
Price: $90.00

MACON.GEO.5cts (1853) blue; niece to
uncle, family news, ''Have been doing
'Spiritual Rapping' to see who they will

Cover #1551
Price: $55.00

Knoxville Ga. (1826) only known copy in
private hands; legal letter, ALS of Albert
Gallatin Clopton (1802-1830) lawyer and
member of prominent Georgia family

Cover #1802
Price: $200.00

SAVAN. G -------- (1820) black; long arc
at bottom; cotton sales

Cover #1637
Price: $35.00

THOMASVILLE Ga. (1855) black; FREE; Free
Representative from Georgia. Excellent political letter
including an invitation to the Governor to give a speech.
'Would it be convenient for you to visit Thomasville
say to be here on the 6th of July. There is a negro to
be hung here on that day and will be a large course
of people', etc. etc.

Cover #1638
Price: $200.00 SOLD