Steam Covers

NEW ORLEANS La. (1851) red;
STEAM 5(dlc); thank you note for sending

Cover #1529
Price: $65.00




NEW ORLEANS La. (1845) black;
STEAM; list of goods shipped

Cover #1154
Price: $35.00

STEAMBOAT 12 1/2 cts. (1851) black;
Havana to NYC; sugar business

Cover #1772
Price: $45.00

STEAMER 5 (1847) red oval; printed
'Sketch of Sales'

Cover #1256
Price: $150.00

POTOMAC STEAMBOAT (1850) red; interesting letter
headed 'Barnum's Hotel, Baltimore' to East Florida. Wishes
the addressee to send his son to Savannah where he will meet
and take him to St. Joseph's College to start his term Dec 1.
Will supply him with the silver cup, spoon and fork needed,
along with payment of the college fees.
Cover #1572
Price: $125.00

BALTIMORE Md. (1847) blue; 5 (oval);
STEAM; sister to brother

Cover #661
Price: $40.00

NEW ORLEANS La. (1850) red;
STEAM 5 (dlc); there is no bill of lading and
he is missing a barrel of sugar.

Cover #1249
Price: $70.00

MOBILE. A. (1829) black; printed port
notice for 'Brig Authentic'

Cover #1250
Price: $40.00

STEAM BOAT (1833) red straightline;
NYC to Providence; business letter

Cover #1457
Price: $55.00

STEAM BOAT (1846) red; 5; NYC to
Providence; bill of lading for cotton

Cover #1458
Price: $55.00

STEAMSHIP 10 (1859) black; Havana
to Mass.; husband to wife, apologizes for
not writing, has been selling watches out in
the country.

Cover #1459
Price: $30.00

STEAM BOAT (1825) red straightline;
Phil. to Baltimore; sale of Borax

Cover #1531
Price: $40.00

STEAM-BOAT 18 3/4 (1837) red;
brother to sister

Cover #1532
Price: $80.00