Interesting Content

STUCKEN NEW YORK (1847) Matanzas
Cuba via NYC to London on ship 'Hibernia';
content, shipping sugar

Cover #1781
Price: $110.00




UNIVERSITY OF VIRGA (1845) red oval; 2 page
printed statement of absences and average preparation
of a U of V student; Photo shows integral address leaf
and a portion of the printed content

Cover #1619
Price: $180.00

NEW-YORK PAID 5 cts (1848) red;
printed circular in script; importer of silks,
thread, ribbons, etc.

Cover #935
Price: $15.00 SOLD

UTICA--N.Y.-- (1842) red double oval;
'Exhibition by the blind'; the blind played
instruments, sang, read and recited.

Cover #1371
Price: $20.00 SOLD

NORRIDGEWOCK Me. (1851) blue; 5;
"overseers of the poor" notice.

Cover #1048
Price: $20.00

MERCERSBURGH Pa. (1843) red;
printed invitation to anniversary of Literary
Society at Marshall

Cover #1049
Price: $30.00

CAMBRIDGE Ms. (1837) red;
interesting letter, Washington visit,
Congress, Santa Anna, Etc.

Cover #1620
Price: $55.00 SOLD

NEW-YORK 10 cts. (1850) red;
printed GRAND LODGE notice.

Cover #305
Price: $20.00

HILLSBORO O. (1846) black; printed,
illustrated, cornercard of LAFAYETTE

Cover #1050
Price: $40.00

SYRACUSE N.Y. (1855) black; PAID;
printed letterhead--'N Y Asylum for Idiots';
telling mother that her son is well and happy
and that things she sent have arrived.

Cover #1576
Price: $75.00 SOLD.

HARRISBURG Pa. (1843) blue;
ordering list of books

Cover #939
Price: $15.00 SOLD

Eddyville Ky. (1843) Long descriptive
letter from daughter working as a
housekeeper in Kentucky to mother in
Connecticut. Tells of southern style of
building, treatment of slaves, etc. "...traveler
from the north will notice the little buildings
as soon as he gets into the slave states. The
southerner generally builds in this manner
owning whole families of negroes to wait on
them. They do not consider the labor they are subject to......" "I do not envy them their wealth
in slaves; the continued care and watchfulness with the scolding and the whipping which is
necessary in order to keep them in order....."

Cover #932
Price: $140.00 SOLD

dotted oval; printed, illustrated (ships and
lighthouse) shipping notice

Cover #1373
Price: $45.00

JERSEYVILLE Ill (1840) black;
detailed letter, trial, jury, costs, etc.

Cover #1577
Price: $55.00

NEW HAVEN CT ----- (1811) red oval;
letter of YALE student

Cover #1578
Price: $55.00 SOLD

Garrattsville N.Y. (1850) printed price
list for manure and hay forks and hammers.

Cover #1579
Price: $45.00