Free Franks

ANTHONY, Henry B. (1872) Sen. R.I.

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BAYARD, Richard H. (1839) Sen.
Delaware;content:sends his autograph.

Cover #289
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SIMON CAMERON Sen. Pa.; Sec. of
War; his secretary sends 300 copies of the
Constitution to Indiana ladies society.

Cover #672
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ROGER JONES (1842) Adjutant General
of the U.S. Army; cannot provide copies of
infantry tactics. Has only a limited supply.

Cover #673
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LEE, WILLIAM (1824) 2nd auditor of the
Treasury; short note

Cover #1160
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COLEMAN, Daniel (1840) Assistant
Postmaster General; content: fine
imposed for failure to deliver mail.

Cover #293
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DEBOW, J.D.A. Superintendent of the

Cover #294
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William J. BROWN 2nd Asst. PMG;
printed post office notice

Cover #844
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MEIGS, Return Jonathan (1821)
Postmaster General of the US;
content: letter signed by Abraham
Bradley Jr.

Cover #296
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ROBERT JOHNSON (1837) 2nd Asst.
Postmaster General; ALS of Postmaster

Cover #675
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Rep. R.I.; sends his autograph

Cover #676
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